Confetti Distressed Sweater- Pink


Confetti Distressed Sweater – Pink

Think pink! You're always in style when you splash out wearing the pink confetti casual sweater from Leap of Faith. The color will highlight your eyes and bring out the roses in your cheeks. Take in all the edgy details. Picture wearing your sweater with jeans that flatter your figure, a skirt that shows off your stems to their best advantage, or a chic high-waisted skirt. The cropped design goes well with high waists of all styles, so keep that in mind as you pick out pieces to match your sweater.

Leap of Faith has an array of women's long sleeved sweaters that you can wear all year. Our Confetti Distressed Sweater has an open knit that ensures it's breezy enough for spring and summer weather, not just fall and winter. The distressed effect creates a wave of unraveled threads along the hem and the neckline. Bursts of confetti colors explode from the pink base.

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